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Alan Keegan as Finnegan Figleaf

Character bio

Finnegan Figleaf is a sexy little street urchin. He's like a cross between Huckleberry Finn and Magic Mike. He can build a raft and he can dance. Finnegan Figleaf is truly a wrong number you can't help but call. 

IG: misterkeegan


When I was a kid
I always felt like I’d done something wrong
when the dandelions died, 
then I’d spent all summer catching frogs
and let too many free too far from the water.
In the fall my family plays apple ball, 
picking up the rotten apples in the orchard
and pitching them to each other,
blasting them like wet fireworks off a baseball bat—
I used to say that if I was an apple tree
I’d never let those braeburns go
I’d let them grow and grow until my branches broke—

that’s the thing with people.
Some of them change like trees and drop their leaves,
but some of them change like seasons;
those ones keep coming around.
You and me, maybe we’re not like that.


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