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Philip Schaffer as Santito

Tru Luv


I want to put your whole face in my mouth

and tongue you my favorite songs.

I think you’ll taste better than I do

as you kiss my uvula good morning.


Your eyeball and my front teeth will get

along and later married.

They will have kids and my mouth

will become two kinds of a roof.


I’d like to yell my own name into

your whole self until the echoes

ripple your skin and your belly button bursts

open like a damn and floods the room with me.


Then you can press your nose

against the inside of my check

and leave an imprint

so from the outside

it looks like I have two noses.


People will call me “two-nose”

but I wont be able to respond

harshly or at all because my mouth

will be full with your face.


People will call you “mouth-face”

but you wont be able to hear them

because I will stretch out my cheeks

to cover your ears too.


This is how we make each other stronger.

It will be more like waltzing

than it sounds. When we go to sleep

I want to be so too close to you


that your breath makes me sneeze.

And I keep waking up.

And every time you tell me

it’s so okay.

Character Bio

Santito might be in your room right now. Right over there, behind that mote of dust, next to the mouse hole. Don’t worry, he smells very nice. Remember when you couldn’t find your keys the other day? Santito needed to borrow them for an exhibit he was curating on “Things With Teeth.”  Born in an abandoned lighthouse in a landlocked town in the mountains, Santito’s mother was La Gigantona and his father was a bat swooping out of a tree. Santito cannot wait to make eye contact with you.

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