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Kayla Tange as Coco Ono


Character Biography

Coco Ono was born in the capital of South Korea from a second generation whore she never met. She was painfully shy as a child until she was adopted by a gang of 5 fabulous men who took her in, changed her name and gave her the transformation of a lifetime. They taught her all the tricks of the trade including how to seductively eat a banana and most importantly how to exude Oriental Goddess. She then had the confidence to go into the world where she would instinctively follow in her birth mother and grandmothers footsteps. This lead her to many lucrative opportunities, a moderate cult following and how she met her infamous ex-husband who almost led her to her demise. He was a sad and soulless man who attempted to gain power by starting an actual cult in which she was temporarily brainwashed. She begged and pleaded with the universe to give her a sign to leave and after consulting with her trusted psychic, the veil was finally lifted revealing her true path and life purpose of inspiring others to turn their horrors into art. Since leaving him, she has gone back to the oldest profession while continuing to pursue her dreams of performance, literature and poetry.

Professional Bio

Kayla Noriko Tange was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1982, and adopted at age six months, by a Japanese American family residing in Lemoore, California. She moved to Los Angeles in 2000, and among other endeavors at the intersection of art-making, self-discovery, and survival, began performing as an exotic and burlesque dancer, where she served not only as a sexual projection, but as a private confessor. These experiences inspired the performances Confession Box and A Bare Witness in which public space became an interactive confessional. In 2016, Tange created Confession Room, where these stories collected over a two year period were presented in an interactive multimedia installation at Coagula Curatorial in Chinatown. Her passions are found in meaningful dialog, creative problem solving, collaborative projects and facilitating a unique relationship between art and audience leading her to create her most recent works Boundaries and Dear Mother.

IG: kayla.tange

Time and Place

There was a time and place
Then there was you
The sweetness you shared
The sadness you shared
Were the darkest gifts
In the darkest times
And to feel empty and full
At the exact same time
In the prime of my life
Is the fire I share
Week after week
With others who choose
The basic life shame
Of numbing and cuming
On and off again

Every day that passes,
I am more and more certain
That my life before the curtain
Is what I am here for
For your viewing pleasure
Possessed by pleasure contained
There's a strange sense of belonging
A strange sense of gain
In this underground
Where feelings are sin
When feeling is foreign
But it's here
Where people pay
to witness my pain
Night after night
Time and time again

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