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Keighly Baron as Fallen Grace


Character Biography

Boasting roles such as Odette in Swan Lake, Clara in The Nutcracker, and Giselle in Giselle, Fallen Grace was France's most promising ingenue. In a swift fall from fame after a whirlwind romance with her choreographer, Fallen Grace now wanders the streets of Paris, searching for meaning in a world without dance. She collects the teeth of the men that love her and steals red lipstick out of unattended purses, all with a bottle of absinthe in hand. Horrible, cruel, and most certainly unusual, Fallen Grace is begging to have breakfast with you.

Professional Bio

Keighly Baron is a New York City based poet, comedian, and grad school drop out. 

IG: @keighlybaron


I no longer buy self-help books

written by women who have never chosen a high deductible insurance plan,

The laundry list of symptoms do not include "migraine episodes"

More like "migraine seasons"

Once I had a boyfriend who caught my vomit on the 6 train;

He caught it like a baseball right in his palms, simply so I wouldn't be embarrassed.

I miss taking part in self-destructive behavior

Such as:

Leaving greek yogurt on my desk for hours, and taking turns passing off gags each hour on the hour

Simply on the merit that I hate my coworkers

And hiring a seasoned Burning Man veteran to work through my internal monologue which begs 

"Are headbands cool?"

"is it cancer?"

"will it cause cancer?"

While he explains the cosmic system in place that works as preventative medical care

based on the alignment of the Milky Way

O, American Health Care! 

You naughty, dirty astronaut, you. 


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