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Terence Leclere as Jacques Used


Character Biography

Just as good as Jacques new...

He wasn't always like this. Jacques was once a very sensitive, responsible, sweet romantic man. Left at the altar by his lifelong love, the abandoned groom grimed in gloom set out on an endless walk of shame to revenge poetry fuck his way across the world. He's clearly over her by now, and wears his tux because it looks nice, certainly not in case the wedding is still on. Proposing poems to you which he keeps in ring boxes, he'll read you rhymes he wrote, and try all the words on you she never got to hear..

Professional Bio

Terence Leclere is a poet, an immersive actor, an entertainer lebenskünstler who communes by extemporaneous expression in moment to moment realities.

His poems have been published by /performed live with Red Light Lit, Angels Flight, The Poetry Brothel and more at festivals (Electric Forest, Cloak & Dagger Festival), theatrical venues and anywhere else a poet can perform. He hosts and performs with guests in his music show Rawkwardness and in his improvised poetry show One Night Ennui. and creates immersive interactive experiences via his company #metaforyou. Find him @terenceleclere on your preferred social media.


It's not a line
It's a circle
A coil, keeps closing in on me
A belle
Not unlike a wedding ring
Tolling distant memories
And as we carillon of your church do sing
I remember every step
Like a dance
Where we pass our friends and family
A "pas de deux", no sympathy
All of it a fantasy 

Hear the tocsin upon high chime
It's a circle
Not a line 

I know everything that comes with time
A smirking warden knocking bars
Stirring spirits, smacks of home
Where did you go?
The thought crosses my mind again
Harkens a new beginning then
Set the stopwatch now watch it spin
Speeding along circum-referencing
each beat as it makes its way back to me
In record time
It's a circle
Not a line

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