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Rachel Cohen as Miss Candied Rhythm

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IG: candiedrhythm

IG: candiedrhythm

Character Biography

the first poem ever born from the queer lust affair between the Queen of all Bee’s & Aphrodite. a sweetheart with a freaker heart, miss candied rhythm is a vibrant lover & sensation addict hooked on indulging in sacred moments of ethereal enchantment.  she is admired fondly for her ecstatically sensual dancing - sure to fuel the inner fire in any mammal, her darling desire to nurture, her timeless expression of language, && her voluptuous……laugh which cascades like a bottle of excited champagne.

if her words don’t mystify your hopeless spirit to cooing on its knees honeyed with longing, her Bruja blends & precious potions will.  

come here, baby…

sit down, let Candied tell you a story.

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