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Monah Mayhem



In the veins beneath

my skin, there are rivers

of uncertainty



fast through

abandoned streets

like a flash



You open my hand

to an empty sky

revealing scars where

stars used to be.



my fingers start to tremble, so

you hold me

a little tighter, whisper


You are 

untamable, unbreakable.

You see me

dancing in fire, and


swimming through

ice. I am

the goddess Artemis

and someday soon


I will carry the moon

across the sea.

As your emerald eyes meet

mine, I confess,


I'm not scared

to take your breath

away, I'm scared

to give it back. 

Character Bio

With a kiss from the gods Monah was conceived in a moment of passionate, unabashed adultery. Raised by her two shield maiden mothers, she learned at an early age to draw near to the the whispering forest, to dance with the wolves of the night, to fly with the wings of a harpy. On one sunny May day when the fates gave way, Monah was left as a young orphan with a keen sense of the unveiled world. She possesses a special ability to communicate with the souls of deceased writers and artists, and is frequently spotted having tea in some other realm with Virginia Woolf. She lives in a perpetual continuum, Galileo’s very own pendulum of life. Monah is, therefore, often unamused by societal normalities, complacent with cultural monotony, and only satisfied with the sharp breath of death.

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