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Lucia Stacey as Penelope Strangelight

On the first night

they bathed her in moon milk,

laid her think-scalped

and suckling, hand-hammocked,

bones like eggshells,

onto the ivory

Character Bio

Penelope Strangelight, known affectionately to her three and a half friends as "Penny Strange", was born in an orange grove in the foothills of Mount Diablo. She fully comprehended the universe once, but then forgot it again a moment later. She subsists entirely on whiskey and emu burgers (with arugula and lemon), and bathes only in moonmilk. All of the world's lost keys jangle on a chain around her neck.

Until the moonvines have blossomed she cannot sleep. She uses purple tulip blood as ink when she writes. Once, she married a one-armed waiter in a Spanish mountain side, but entropy got the better of them. Her entire house is made of umbrellas, but she spends most nights in the city because her bedroom is too drafty. She paints her nails with silver fish-scales and only celebrates the Japanese version of Valentines Day. The only fight she's ever had was with a palm-reader on a rooftop in Brooklyn. She owns the cat that has everyone's tongues and has named him Oskar.

She is a chemist, but uses the Oxford English Dictionary in place of the Table of Elements, (for when certain words are combined they can cause far more damage than mere compounds reacting with oxidizing elements.) She wears protective lenses when working with such combustive language. She has mapped the chemical makeup of her DNA and finds it bears a striking resemblance to Mina Loy's Songs to Joannes.


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