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Jane LeCroy as Sabina Crowley

How to be a Pioneer of Love

Expand the heart, love more
Practice love in secret
Publicly proclaim love
Love as much as you can
Do whatever it takes to experience love
Say yes to love every time it offers itself to you
Take Cupid’s poisonous arrows
Incorporate that poison into everything you do
Reject belief in a limited capacity of the human heart
Never try to own another
Never let yourself be owned
Worship and adore as many as you can
Open your body and mind to lovers
Suffer the consequences
Give yourself away
Cry, laugh, orgasm, act on your dreams
Reject the impossibility
Revel in the rebellion
Tear apart the fabric of society
Recognize your broken heart, accept pulverization
Accept failure and loss and triumph
Break more, fail more, lose more, triumph more
Live & love until there’s nothing left of you
Write all the love-letters you can
Seduce seduce seduce & be seduced
Conduct the electricity that is the life pulse
Don’t deny yourself Earthly pleasures
Give yourself permission to love to death
Because we’re all going to die
& before we die, we can love
Fall in love often, stumble, trip, CRUSH
Even though it beats you the hardest
Wrecks you and leaves you in shambles
All we have are shambles
Everything is an illusion, so what? 
Then illusions are enough
Love mortifies you, it enslaves and sets you free
You will rise again
Practice rejecting possessiveness
Banish jealousy, try and try
Loving adds more meaning to every action every day
It makes every hour worth more than 60 minutes
Fit more living into your life by playing on the frontier of love
Be shot down and destroyed
Be exalted and praised
You cannot protect yourself even if you live hiding
You will suffer the consequences of love
So just stand up and love
There is a math & physics beyond this defined realm
There are no maps but what your lover’s hair draws upon skin
Ever changing, roads and cities shift
Like the surface of the unknowable ocean
Let this terrify you, be terrifying
Join this army
Set examples
On fire

Character Biography

Secretive and mysterious, Sabina Crowley leads a double life. During the day, she passes as a mainstream and respectable woman, holds down a good job, rears a family, and runs a charity organization. Nothing about her would raise suspicion or hint at her penchant for fetishes or fanciness. Society offers such narrow roles for us to define ourselves by, Sabina’s nights are an act of resistance.  After hours, she sneaks away to explore her desires that exist outside everyday norms and mores. She gathers material to fuel her pornosophical novels, she writes erotica of the most esoteric order, poetry and songs.

Professional Bio

Jane LeCroy is a NYC based poet, singer and performance artist who fronts the avant-pop band, The Icebergs, and the psychedelic experimental music project, Ω▽Ohmslice. She has toured with: the SF based all women’s poetry troupe, Sister Spit.  Jane is a poet-in-the-schools through organizations such as, Teachers & Writers Collaborative. Among her many publications and recordings, her chapbook, Names, was published by the art-book house Booklyn, in the award winning, ABC chapbook series, that was purchased by the Library of Congress along with her braid!  Three Rooms Press published, Signature Play, a multimedia book of lyrical poems, including a nomination for a Pushcart Prize. You can hear, The Icebergs album, “Eldorado” and  Ω▽Ohmslice, “Conduit” both from  and AVAILABLE digitally everywhere.

IG: janelecroy


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