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Kat Valdeth as Selina Katerina

Character Biography

Selina Katerina Elizabeth Valdeth is a cherub of pain. Her turn-ons include only three things: lust, debauchery, and anarchy. Her biggest turnoffs are fragility, purity, and rebirth. Selina is only sort of into humans, but only when they are swallowed and consumed by sin.

IG: selinavaldeth


I eat my meals with a tall glass of your lord’s tears

I don’t cower before the devil, I swallow all of his fears

I can’t be concerned with the thoughts of what your god would do with me

I won’t be discouraged by the punishment of what your devils will do to me

We’re not meant to be governed, we’re not made for the order

We are brutish animals, made of anarchy and disorder

Your god’s laws only applies when you want it to

Your patriotism only applies when its hate fueled

Your devil is only real so that the blames not on you

Pray to your god but your god preys on you

Fear your devil but glutton yourself from his food

I fuck the men and women with the nature of Gomorrah

I hope that I repulse you and bring an unbalance to your order

I don’t cower before your lord, he hides behind the back of his creation

I eat my meals on the back of the devil, I use his knees for desecration

I manifest my own destiny, I don’t need your god to ordain

I won’t use him as an excuse for the villainy that I engage

Business men are sociopaths, the collars are perverts

The honest man is a liar and the king always serves

What’s the matter, don’t believe your worthy of being saved ?

Now do you see how none of it really mattered either way

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