The Poetry Brothel
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Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8:30pm-12am
The Rendezvous
2322 2nd Ave

Sink into your sound, Seattle, and wait there. The Poetry Brothel has come to care for you, your wounded hearts are already in our hands, and as we wrap them warm with words and raise you up from the bottom of this dark sea, we reel sweetly with these songs, we swing silver silk chords across your azure sky. Why, Seattle, has it taken so long for us to land on this shore together? Why must our hearts learn to pound inside this skin? Don't you know we are kin? Don't you know that in the creak and fall and crash of ever bar of timber we have been here with you? We are in the dust and the sap, matching you with every lap, we've spun it all into one tall tale, darlings, and we've come again, to sing into the stream. Our Seattle cast will include burlesque babe Jesse Belle-Jones, performance art duo Johnny Nuriel & Isaiah Esquire, house band Good Company, aerialist Holly Bordeux, sketch artist Too Loose, and, of course, your poetry whores.