The Poetry Brothel is always seeking submissions from new potential poetry whores. Are you a poet? Do you enjoy reading poetry in your bedroom at home? Have you ever put on a costume and changed your name? Would you like a glass of absinthe right now? If so, please send up to 5 pages of poetry, a "character" bio (this need not contain any factual information), and a photo of yourself to The Madame at


The Poetry Brothel is looking for a new batch of interns. This is a chance to be a part of the most exciting, most dynamic phenomenon in the New York City poetry world today. All interns will be intimately involved in the creative process behind The Poetry Brothel and all key meetings of The Management. This internship is a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning the business of being a poet, event planning, arts administration, and/or business management. Please send a resume and cover letter explaining your interest in our project to The Madame at


If you feel you have something to offer The Poetry Brothel besides poetry - i.e. music, painting, acting, fortune-telling, etc. - and you would like the opportunity to perform, please submit your work to


If you are a product designer, set designer, costume designer, fashion designer, jewelry designer, hairdresser, makeup artist, any kind of designer!, and you would like to collaborate on anything at all, please email The Madame at