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Bibi Synthe



Past unknown. Background; a mystery. Bibi Synthe is a one woman collective of disparate erotic impulses, observations and desires. Bibi's mission is to create heart-centred erotic word cocktails, a research endeavor to which she has applied herself with intense and playful concentration. Bibi hopes to use her measured words to transport you into the deep heart of her fantasies; her lost loves, her almost made-its, the one true love she loved and lost, and the fascinating characters she has observed that make up her extended universe. Bibi loves being watched. She thinks that she may have been constructed by a master toy-maker. She believes she has had a past life as a mechanical hybrid bird-woman; kept in a soft-cage as punishment and made to tell her poems, since ancient times, whilst her pimps and keepers keep a close watch outside.

Poeticals: Erotic, sensual, compelling verse. The heart and the flesh in a beautiful web of words.

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