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Songbird by nature and migrant by choice, this slippery creature spends most of his time in the heights. Legend has it that he is a distant relative of Poe's very own Raven and that he acquired the suave cadence of his flight in the decadent dives of Boogie Street.

Though pale beyond his years, he welcomed darkness to settle in his heart and his plumage as part of a secret pact with the Great Forces to gain ceaseless altitude. Before you notice him coming, he is upon you, his words pecking rhythmically at your eyes while his feathers caress every corner of your conscience, in an intimate ceremony of love and blood.

Many a hunter tried to catch him, but he is on a mission for freedom, and he is here to take you along for the ride. Prick up your ears and you will find him singing tales of introspection in the dead of night. His name is BLACKBIRD.

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