In the Madame's Hat Box by Stephanie Berger


In the Madame's Hat Box by Stephanie Berger


In the Madame’s Hat Box, published by Dancing Girl Press, is a noir, scrappy and surreal portrait of The Madame. The poems blur the lines between subject and object, reality and representation, between the living and inanimate. Is a shadow animate? Can one fall in love with an absence?

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I have done something that will confuse us.
It shapes a bit like a train moving both ways,
closer to itself, a crumpled bridge,
a badly wrapped gift.
There is something inside. A bird cage
could stand for a home, but it is on its side.
Together we have lied, your wing on my head, and
all this has been held. I have never
been terrified of a cockroach. This moving
both ways, not a sickness of seas. It is the raised
muscle in the neck like an implant. It is my breasts
with the lights out, or a tiny lamp and the dog
hairs all over us I hardly notice,
and the man that is a stiff
drink in the morning that I do,
and he is not you,
and he is not him, and I am not me,
and we three
are alone together in the bed of the earth.
It is so quiet I make smallish sniffing sounds.
I need you so badly it sickens the woods. You were inside
the belly of the tree. You are inside me.