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Sam Escobar as Llewellyn Louise

Character Bio

Llewellyn Louise was born on a ship crossing the Atlantic from a quiet town off the coast of Ireland. Perpetually seasick, Llewellyn's mother couldn't read books to her, so she made up stories instead, but died of consumption before ever arriving in America. Two weeks later, Llewellyn exited the ship feeling alone and from that day on. She found independence an easier state of mind to maintain than anything involving anybody else for longer than a few hours at a time.

From a very young age, she found she had a powerful but chaotic talent for magic, enchanting animals to attack when someone upset her and conjuring thunderstorms when turned on. After accidentally causing a panther to throw her first lover off a cliff, she sought out the help of another witch to mentor her. The witch taught her that in order to harness her gift, she had to learn to first imagine the narrative she wanted before creating it. So began the only love affair that ever lasted: writing.

Professional Bio

Sam Escobar is a Brooklyn-based editor, writer, poet, occasional makeup artist, & cat enthusiast. They are presently the Senior Commerce Editor at Bustle, as well as a featured contributor for Femsplain. Previously, they were the Beauty Editor of and the Managing Editor of The Gloss.

Their work has appeared in The Observer, Esquire, Cosmo for Latinas, Brooklyn Magazine, Ask Men, Van Winkles, Cosmopolitan, and elsewhere. They've also appeared on HuffPost Live and ABC Nightline to discuss beauty trends and dating. Their Twitter thread about body image was profiled by Us Weekly and Self, among other publications, and they've been interviewed by Amy Poehler's Smart Girls, Grazia, Guys We F****d and HelloFlo.

In 2014, they were named one of "8 Latinas You Should Be Following On Twitter" by Cosmo for Latinas and one of "11 Woke Latinxs You Should Be Following On Twitter" by

Note: They identify as non-binary and use gender-neutral pronouns (they/them).

Poem Sample


i haven’t slept alone in six days
my lungs collapse, then just lay there
reluctant to re-inflate
as if to say,
Yes, i can breathe without you
but do i want to?