The Poetry Brothel
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Judy Bankman as Mavi Jewel

Mavi is the flower of a passionate union between an Ottoman sultan and his harem queen. She grew up drinking jasmine tea and playing hide-and-seek among marble columns and bougainvillea. Mavi followed in her mother's footsteps, learning the art of seduction along with her reading, writing, and arithmetic. When she 10 years old, her mother planted a seed on the back of her left arm, which has blossomed into the ink image of a small fig tree and continues to grow as she does.

At the age of 16, she was sent across the Bosphorus to Paris, where she began taking Kir Royale along with her opium pipe and became the model and muse for a Swedish ex-pat nearly thrice her age. When she tired of the Parisian chimney soot and her affairs with sullen, bourgeois Frenchmen, she hopped a train to the Basque country and studied writing and herbalism with the renowned poet-wildcrafter, Maria Jose Artemesia Absinthium.

Mavi collects words and stories in a glass jar under her bed, which she weaves into Stinging Nettle cordage every night. It is said that her words make the blood run hot in the hearts and nether-regions of men and women alike.

In her free time, Mavi makes herbal potions for herself and her lovers. Her favorite word is "decoction" and her favorite herb is Belladonna.