The Poetry Brothel

Join the Cast

The Poetry Brothel is always seeking new poets, artists, musicians, mystics, dancers, vaudevillians, circus performers, sideshow acts, interns, volunteers, designers of all kinds, and any one who feels they have something to contribute to The Poetry Brothel. If you are interested in joining the family, feel free to contact us. Do tell us about yourself and ask any questions you may have. 

If you don't have any questions, and you would like to formally submit an application to become one of our venerated "Poetry Whores" or other cast members, please apply via Submittable. Artists from underrepresented communities are in particular encouraged to apply.

In your application, you will need to include your professional name; a cover letter; the city where you reside, a link to your website, portfolio, or Instagram page; your character name & bio (this need not contain any factual or professional information); at least one headshot or other photo of yourself; and an audition video. If you are applying to be one of the poets, please also include 5 pages of your poetry as a PDF. 

In your cover letter, we encourage you to explain your interest in The Poetry Brothel and your background as an artist and performer. If you have any experience working in the sex industry, please also feel safe to mention it here. 

The audition video should be between 30 seconds and 5 minutes. Feel free to shoot the video on your iPhone; we don't need anything professionally produced. We simply want to get a sense of your personality, style, and voice while seeing a little bit of what you do. If you are a poet, perform a poem! If you are a dancer, we'd love to see a routine. If you are a singer, sing for us. If you read tarot, show us a sample reading.

Become a Sponsor

The Poetry Brothel has an exciting, exquisite new development: we’re participating in Art Basel, Miami at Hotel Breakwater South Beach from December 5th - 8th, 2018! That’s right: throughout the sprawling neon madness of Art Basel, your favorite poets will be just a handful of stories up and away from the sand, delighting guests with art, poetry and vice.

If you or your company would like to sponsor, donate or partner with The Poetry Brothel and The Poetry Society of New York on this venture, please reach out to

Moonlight with Us

So you've got a few old journals full of poetry from your moody and turbulent youth collecting dust on your bookshelf. You've got that incredible mask you bought four halloweens ago that you've been dying to don again for one more grand hurrah. And of course there's that itch to perform, for real, if only just one time, on a stage, in front of a room packed with strangers. We feel you, it's real. Perhaps it's time to put it all together and Moonlight with The Poetry Brothel. We're inviting our biggest fans and most devoted friends to spend a night working and performing as special guest Poetry Whore. For the low, low price of $250 you'll get a "Moonlighting Membership," which includes all the benefits of a Starlight Membership AND we'll pair you with a mentor from our cast, who will show you the ropes, help you whip a few of those old sonnets into shape, and give you a night you'll never forget. For more information about Moonlighting with The Poetry Brothel contact Can't wait to share the stage with you, darlings!